A Word About Modesty

God is a God of order. He likes putting everything in decency. When He commands something, it is because something needs to be in a proper state and must appear good and appropriate. God doesn’t like confusion in the things He creates, that’s why He always puts a distinction between things that may bring misunderstanding.

In the Bible, nakedness is stated to be a sin when beheld by other people aside from the spouse because malice is always present. E.g.: The condition of Ham when he saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brother of it. So, in solution to that, God invented clothing. Clothing is meant to cover the body, not to expose it. When a part of the body is revealed, it attracts sexual lust and results to sin. God hates sin. He doesn’t want it to grow in people, especially the believers. That’s why modesty in clothing is very necessary.

If you wander your pair of eyes around, you’ll notice that people, mostly women, are involved in following what’s trendy in the secular world. The terrible thing is that it’s not just trendy, but rather sexy. When something looks sexy-ish, that means it becomes a sex symbol. What’s worse is that even the people in churches today don’t seem to realize how dangerous wearing immodest apparel can get. The church must become a resting place for men to be in, but now, if you look closely, you’ll see that it is slowly becoming just an entertainment place wherein people try to impress others and dress the way celebrities do. By committing that, we are just trying to continue sinning and still be acceptable. That is not right.

God invented clothing so that Christians would know how to cover their bodies and bring glory to Him. Actually, a woman can be dressed and be fully covered, and yet still be immodest. How? When the curves of her body becomes very visible, for it causes others to be attracted and soon a lustful thought will be created within their minds.

Clothing must not send out a message to the world saying, “Look at me”, but “Look at God” instead. Clothing has only two purposes: 1) cover our nakedness and 2) bring glory to God. When your clothing does not present you to the world as God-honoring (by appearance), then maybe you’re missing the objective of being modest: to always bring glory to God. Our body must always be presented to Christ as a living sacrifice which is our reasonable service. Our body is one of the areas in Christianity wherein we must bring glory to God always.

The commandments of God towards modesty and nakedness (which are contained in the KJV Bible) must always be followed and kept. It does not expire when someone goes to the beach and is obliged to wear a bikini. It does not expire when someone attends a P.E. class and is required to wear jogging pants. The words of the Lord and His commandments in the Bible must always be followed and obeyed wherever we are, whatever the conditions are.

One thing most churches are being negligent of these days is the way women wear their skirts and men wear their shirts and pants/shorts (especially in playing sports). Compared to the generation that we have today and its way of fashion, the modesty that God expects from us doesn’t evolve and change manner along with it. It remains the same as before. Ladies must still wear blouses and skirts that do not reveal their cleavage and higher parts of the legs. We are becoming legalistic nowadays that whether our clothes are fitted and short, we think it’s already okay and that God is pleased, but we are wrong. We do not just wear the proper clothes God wants us to wear just for the sake of modesty. We follow the standard of the Bible because it all roots out to one thing: we love God.

When our relationship with God is right, our attitude towards modesty is right.
When the internal is right with God, the external will also be right and will manifest a positive result.

Modesty in clothing is not the problem for both men and women. It’s not a big deal. What makes all these hard to follow is the wrong attitude towards it. When we realize that we bring glory to God by wearing the right clothes He wants us to, it will not matter anymore what kind of clothing we wear (how old-fashioned it may appear) or what brand it is as long as He is portrayed properly to the world by us.

God is a God of order. He doesn’t want us to be mistaken for a hooker. He just simply wants us to look presentable to the world, just simple and decent, enough to beambassadors of Christ, that when others come to look at us, our Christianity would not be placed in a questionable situation.

Glory be to God in all things now and forever.


The chemistry of what causes new and old book smells

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Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength - carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.

Corrie ten Boom, Clippings from My Notebook

He Is Our Strength

Though the road ahead may be uncertain
Though the path we travel be unknown
Our God has given us assurance
We can have peace we can have joy
We can be strong

He is our Strength
He is our Fortress
We can be sure we are secure
Within His hands
He is our Joy our Hope of life eternal
He is the Rock the solid Rock
On which we stand

Even when I cannot see tomorrow
His Word is like a lamp unto my feet
And when the laughter turns to sorrow
In His embrace we find His grace
When we are weak

Title: I'd Do It All Again Artist: John Marshall Family 9 plays

If there’s one thing I’m beyond very very very thankful for, it’s my salvation and secure relationship with my Saviour Jesus Christ. So if asked about one thing I would like to redo in life (if given the chance, of course), it’s loving Jesus Christ more and more each hour each day.

Nothing beats the love my Joy Supplier gives me. I’d do it all again…

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I’m a morning person.

I love mornings.

I love to sleep late a not talk and drink lots of coffee. Then maybe sleep again.

I love mornings.

People who wake up totally energetic are not morning people. They are afternoon people. They wake up ready for the middle of the day when stuff needs to be done and talkativeness is necessary.

Mornings are not those times.

Mornings are for reverence and reflection and calm.

I’m a morning person.


"The solid platinum tubing is paired with solid 14K gold keys, ribs, soldered tone holes headjoint and footjoint receivers. It features open hole keys, an inline G key, C# trill key and a B foot with a gizmo and it’s matched with a stunning Lafin platinum headjoint with solid 14k gold lip plate, riser and vaulted Lafin crown that is accented with a large garnet jewel.”

Ok brannen. Ok.

This photoset just made me long more for a flute of my own. If I have a wishlist, it would be full of this: flute, flute, flute, flute, flute…

Ain’t this gem a beaut?

I never thought I’d reach the point of my life where I’m actually, deeply, strongly wishing I’m a legit pianist. I want to spend the rest of my life running my fingers through the lowest and highest of piano keys and praise and worship the Father until I am religiously satisfied.

This calls for longer hours of practice this upcoming vacation. <3

I can’t believe I just sent my American teacher a letter of appreciation. I wonder how she’ll feel about it.


Deep within my heart, there’s this feeling of longing for trees I don’t usually see around our city. I simply love trees and praise God for creating them.

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Reading is probably another way of being in a place.

José Saramago

Small Talk With My Heart

O tiny feeble heart,
Don’t sway; don’t stray
Though you feel like flying away!

O tiny feeble heart,
Just pray; just stay
One day He’ll take you away!

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I like her honesty, personal choice of words and works of art.